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Getting to the bottom of our mess

Sat 12 January 2019 Review

Written by
Dessy A

Photographed by
Danny A W

Life can be incredibly hectic these days that it seems that everything is happening

all at once.

We may place things mindlessly and sometimes lose them on occasions. 

One of our aim this year is to help our community become more organised.

We are happy to share our newest handmade Home & Living product, a stackable

rustic wooden tray that comes compartmentalised with partitions to keep all your

trinkets in one place - neat and orderly.

We all need a little help in the organising department and staying organised

help makes life easier in the long run. Just think about how easily you will be

able to find the item you need and avoid the frustration of losing your small

treasured items.

We can all agree that this will just be the home decor highlight in 2019 that every

households will appreciate. One that is functional and will spark joy.

    • Each tray comes in two sizes [short and tall] with removable partitions
    • A rustic antique finishing is applied with beautiful brass handles for a sturdy hold

Head into ONNI House to see the tray in its entirety. 



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