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Introducing ONNI Plants and Our Resident Plant Expert

Mon 12 April 2021 Review

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Why Plants?

ONNI means happiness. The meaning of happiness is different for one person to another, but whether you believe in scientific studies or old wives’ tales, both agree that plants and nature are a big part of it.

In this fast-paced digital world, people—particularly city dwellers like us—spend little time in nature. We tend to live a sedentary lifestyle, lacking in exercise and battling constant pressure from noise, light, and smell pollution.

As access to the countryside, parks, and open spaces are not always available, having plants at home or workspace becomes increasingly important for our overall well-being. Besides helping to maintain the air quality, having plants nearby can help us destress, reduce anxiety levels, improve mood, and boost happy hormones.

Perhaps the right answer to “Why plants?” is another question: “Why not?”

Meet Salma, Our Plant Expert

Salma is in charge of making sure the plants in ONNI’s greenery grow taller and stronger. Our resident plant enthusiast studied agronomy and horticulture at the university, and decorative plants are her forte. Check out this Q&A to get to know Salma better.

Q: Hi Salma! Tell us a little about your passion for plants. How did it all begin?

A: My love for plants began when I was 9 years old. At that time, every house in my neighborhood had a fruit tree, except for my house. I got jealous because I had no fruit to pick! After that, I started to learn how to plant from my neighbors. 

Q: You majored in agronomy and horticulture. What’s your biggest takeaway about plants from those university days?

A: My days in the university only fueled my love for plants even further, for sure. I think the most amazing thing is the simple fact that a plant is the only living organism that can produce oxygen. And don’t get me started on carnivorous plants and orchids!

Q: Why do you think plants are very hip these days?

A: I believe the necessity to stay at home plays a big part, as people are looking for new indoor activities to do. Plus, one can’t deny the many benefits of having plants at home. It’s not only about esthetic but also physical and mental health.

Q: What’s a great plant for new plant parents? 

A: This really depends on where you want to place your plants. Do you want to place them indoors? Then choose plants that don’t require lots of sunlight such as philodendron, monstera, scindapsus, or epipremnum. However, it’s another case if you want to place the plants on the balcony where there’s plenty of sunlight.

Q: Last but not least, share some tips on how to take care of plants properly.

A: Make sure your plants get the right amount of sun and water. You can learn the rest as you go along. 

If you have plant-related questions, especially ones from ONNI’s greenery, chat directly with Salma here.

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