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Fri 11 August 2017 Review

Written by
F. Ladiya

Photographed by
Rizki Ayu, of Sorts

Flower arranging is so wide, as flowers are able to convey your emotion on a special occasion or even on a common situation where we need an infusion of some beautiful petals and colors. But when it comes to wedding topics, there’s always an endless talks once it started. Therefore, amongst all kind of occasions, wedding is always be the most exciting moment for women. Especially here in Indonesia, where wedding industry is always growing within time.

Nowadays, basic and natural theme are back to the trend and become everyone’s favorite for a wedding. This kind of style is effortless, a symbol of innocence and honesty. That’s why this time we choose a fresh and unique theme for a our workshop: Wedding Bouquet Workshop with Rustic style.

This workshop was held in Jakarta and Surabaya. Jakarta workshop organized by Lingkaran.co, a well-known educational community that specialized in workshop and knowledge sharing, at their headquarter at Conclave Coworking Space on August, 27th 2016 in Jakarta.

Meanwhile Surabaya Session was taken care by our event partner—ofsorts on September, 3rd 2016. Where the participants gather on the sunny afternoon at our ONNI Flagship Store, Jl Opak no. 56 Surabaya, right to the table where all the materials are setted on already.

Our workshop mentored by Mrs. Enge Kusuma Hendra, our beloved Godmother–who is the owner of Orchid Group, cheerfully teached some basic things such as the theory of materials and tools, also a little about flower cutting and treatments.

ONNI has been prepared fresh flowers, materials, and tools for each participants. They will learn not only about wedding bouquet itself but also the other types of wedding  arrangements, such as corsages and flower crown. Wedding bouquet is essential on wedding day, it contains bunches of fresh flowers tied together based on the wedding theme and color itself. While corsage is a small piece made from single or several small flowers that pinned on the chest of suits and dresses, or could be tied around the wrist to indicate a special person. And last one, we learnt flower crown. It is a beautiful headpiece of flowers braided together with foliages.

Step up from the theory and basics, now everyone were ready to work it up! With a rustic wedding theme, the participants finally able to lay their hands down the beautiful fresh flowers on the table, step by step created flower arrangements based on their own creativity.

After three hours of excitement, beautiful bouquets and hand-tied flowers are aesthetically spreading here and there on the tables. Well, of course they did not come home empty-stomach and empty-hands because they got all arrangements they’ve made, accompanied with snacks and drinks to bring home. And lastly, the workshop closed with a friendly photo session between all participants and event coordinators.

The crowd’s excitement surprisingly was so huge, ranged from young to middle aged flower enthusiasts came to claim their slot. Therefore our session in both cities was full-booked and some people was even lined-up in waiting list. We would like to thank you for those who has been participated! Actually, this is our first workshop in Jakarta and it was very exciting because of you all. Seeing the overflowed enthusiasms, hopefully we will hold another wedding-themed session like this next time. Hope to see you on our next event!

Mentored By : 
Mrs. Enge Kusuma Hendra,
Flower Designer; Founder of Orchid Group

Location : 
Jl. Wijaya I no. 5C, Jakarta Selatan

ONNI Flagship Store
Jl. Opak no. 56, Surabaya

Organized By :
Website: lingkaran.co
Email: contact@lingkaran.co
Instagram: @lingkaran.co

Of Sorts
Website: www.ofsorts.co
Email: hi@ofsorts.co
Instagram: @ofsorts_
LINE: ofsorts
WA: +62 896 7817 2745

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