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Wed 23 August 2017 Review

Written by
F. Ladiya

Photographed by
Rizki Ayu; of Sorts

We always love the idea of interaction with nature in daily life. Moved by this idea, we initiated an event that could getting the participants to take a breath and getaway from their hustle bustle life. So, while others are spending their Saturday morning by binge-watching or catching up with some friends at coffee shop nearby, here we surrounded by some cute plants and gardening tools at ONNI Terrarium Workshop.

Since many people asked us to hold workshop again, we decided to make a special session about home-style miniature garden. This is a simple concept of home gardening using clear glass container filled with soil, pebbles, and compatible tiny plants that is practical yet easy to maintain, which is why terrarium are so popular nowadays.

This workshop was a part of ONNI Hands by Of Sorts. A collaborative program related to home living and green lifestyle workshops that we manage with Of Sorts. They are a creative and super nice gang of conceptors and consultants who are specializing in brand activation, popups, workshops, and many more.

Move to the plants, if you are a home gardening enthusiast, you must be familiar with the well-known VAXA and BUCAPE. VAXA is a houseplant brand by young multi-talented Andre Wiredja. He is a gardener a.k.a fashion photographer who became a mentor of our workshop in Jakarta. While BUCAPE is a thematic plant store based on Surabaya, founded by Dewi, Rama, and Sinta, whom the later two of them was leading the share and practice workshop session in Surabaya.

They were casually sharing about basic terrarium plants—the types of cactus and succulents, how to nurture them, and the meaning of terrarium itself—a collection of compatible living plants and natural soil that grown in transparent or clear glass container.

As always, the workshop held in our two hometowns: Jakarta and Surabaya. About 20 participants came to JUNO House, Kebayoran Baru on the clear Saturday morning of 22th October 2016. This was a morning session, and surprisingly not only local terrarium enthusiasts came to our session in Jakarta, but also some expatriates around the neighbourhood joined us!

Our activities in Surabaya was exciting too because it took place at our headquarter: ONNI Flagship store on the next Saturday, October 29th, where the participants were welcomed with a set of tools and greeneries on the table.

Last but not least, workshop is not a workshop without hands-on activities! Each participant could choose succulent or cactus plants to built their own terrarium step by step and learn how to maintain it at home, guided by VAXA or BUCAPE. From peebles to potting soil, everyone enthusiastly practicing their green thumb for one-of-a-kind glass terrarium to bring home.

Don’t even think that we were working up with an empty-bellies because here’s the delicious donuts from Gordon Jakarta came to the rescue! Their donut dips are the best to be munched while letting creative juices flow. And don’t say we’re forget mentioning the light meals and refreshments on Surabaya session from our backyard ONNI Kitchen.

The workshop lasted for 3 hours, ended with a lots of fancy terrariums and bellies full of sweets as a result. We were so happy seeing a lot of enthusiasm and eagerness from the participants. Thank you so much, guys! It was truly such a great time! Just drop us a message for any kind of workshop you’d think would be great and we’ll hopefully make it come true for you.

Mentored By : 
Mr. Andre Wiredja from VAXA,
Photographer, Plant Enthusiast

Mr. Rama and Ms. Sinta from BUCAPE
Plant Enthusiast

Location : 
JUNO House
Jl. Kerinci Raya no. 31, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

ONNI Flagship Store
Jl. Opak no. 56, Surabaya

Organized By :
Of Sorts
Website: www.ofsorts.co
Email: hi@ofsorts.co
Instagram: @ofsorts_
LINE: ofsorts
WA: +62 896 7817 2745

Supported By :
Gordon Jakarta
Instagram: @gordonjkt

ONNI Kitchen
Instagram: @onnikitchen

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