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Wed 23 August 2017 Review

Written by
F. Ladiya

Photographed by
Rizki Ayu; of Sorts

What is Floral twines? It is ornamental bouquet made with flowers, branches, and twigs that can be used for wall or door decoration. A twine of fresh flowers will gradually dried by themselves and result you a wall decration that can last for a long time.

There are numerous variety of creating flower arrangements. Not only placing them in a beautiful vases, they can also look pretty as a wall decoration too. That’s why we came with an unique idea to adorn your wall.

Knowing this kind of arrangements haven’t been much familiar yet, we decided to share a little more about it by organizing a workshop in two cities within the same dayboth at Saturday, 21st January 2017. And we unexpectedly received such a high enthusiasm towards it! Glad that our session was even sold out in Jakarta!

Our workshop that managed by Of Sorts in the name of ONNI Hands, was held at Juno House, Jakarta, and our beloved home—ONNI Flagship Store, Surabaya. (ONNI Hands is a collaborative program with Of Sorts , related to home living and green lifestyle workshops).

As for the mentors, we have a backstage team of talented people who have deep knowledge about flowers so this time they showed up to teaching that day! Mr. Christian Warella, our florist expert jumped out to guide in Jakarta while Mrs. Febby, the person who is responsible for the daily operationals, and practically everything you need at our ONNI Flagship Store Surabaya, led the sharing session there.

The participants got to learn about the basic of dried flowers, how to care and treat them, some techniques of drying fresh flowers, and of course, how to make an ornamental dried floral twine arrangement for wall decoration. Roses, eryngiums, gossypium, baby breaths, and other magnicifent bunches of flower were provided by ONNI that day, as these flowers are able to be styled and dried.

The sharing followed by preparing twigs and branches to build twine structure, tied them together with some wires, and managing flowers and petals to knit a beautiful wall decoration. The workshop level was actually using advance techniques, as floral twines required practical skill of hand-craft and preseverance. However, the participants were so encouraged to get it all done. We’re so proud of them!

Talking about the refreshments along the workshop, there are two vendors helped us: Dessert Spoon and Mexicana. Dessert Spoon is based in Jakarta. Their desserts taste pretty much alike their name as their are the experts of sweets. While Surabaya participants satisfied their cravings with burritos from Mexicana. Their delicious pieces are homemade with love using fresh and safe ingredients.

Three hours later, the workshop closed by numbers of beautiful floral twines decoration done, and of course, a mingled photo session. Thank you so much for attending, guys, what a nice time we had! Any info of our next workshop will be on our instagram @helloonni. We hope to see you again!

Mentored By : 
Mr. Christian Warella
Flower Designer; Former Florist Manager of Orchid Group

Ms. Febby Moelyani
Flower Designer; Head of ONNI Surabaya

Location : 
JUNO House
Jl. Kerinci Raya no. 31, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

ONNI Flagship Store
Jl. Opak no. 56, Surabaya

Organized By :
Of Sorts
Website: www.ofsorts.co
Email: hi@ofsorts.co
Instagram: @ofsorts_
LINE: ofsorts
WA: +62 896 7817 2745

Supported By :
Instagram: @mexicana_id

Dessert Spoon
Instagram: @dessertspoon_jkt

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